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Thank you for purchasing a Hart Steel razor. We trust it will provide you with a lifetime of shaving enjoyment. The following is a basic outline for daily care. 

New – Out of the box

Your razor will arrive with a heavy coat of Classic Razor Oil on the blade surface. Wipe off all the oil you can using a paper towel or facial tissue. Be very careful around the edge. "IF" you purchased a sharpening service, the razor is supplied shave ready and will cut you if you are not careful. Try not to cut the paper while you are doing this. The cellulose and lignin in the paper are very tough on the edge.

Daily Care

After shaving, rinse the blade with hot water and gently dry with a towel. Be sure all the water is off the blade. After drying, always apply a very thin layer of razor oil to the blade and pivot area. This assures there will be no oxidation before the next use.


Proper stropping will keep your razor shaving smoothly for months. Improper stropping will damage the edge faster than anything else. Take the time to learn how to do it correctly.

Before shaving, 30 – 50 strokes on a leather hanging strop will keep the edge in good shape. Some prefer to start with a clean linen or hard wool felt strop, and then finish with the leather. For stropping techniques and options, please visit: Stropping Techniques


After you have used your razor for a few months, you will notice that stropping will no longer keep the blade sharp enough for smooth shaving. At this point, the razor is ready for honing. Hart Steel razors are designed to be simple to maintain. A minimum of tools are required to maintain your razor for a lifetime. For detailed honing technique please visit: Hart Razor Honing

Long term storage

For long term storage, coat the blade and scales with a good, non-evaporating,  gun oil or grease. Wrap the razor in a cotton cloth or paper towel. Store in a cool dry place.

Returning the Razor for Service

We are happy to offer Honing and Repair Services for our razors. Normal honing is available for a fee of $24.99. Please understand, this is for normal honing and does not cover chip or rust removal. That would be considered repair and quoted on an individual basis.

We are also able to repair Hart Steel razors. If you have damaged your razor, please contact us: customerservice@hartsteel.com

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact: customerservice@hartsteel.com.